Group Publications


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Ultrasonically assisted extraction and digestion of proteins from solid biopsies followed by peptide sequential extraction hyphenated to MALDI-based profiling holds the promise of distinguishing renal oncocytoma from chromophobe renal cell carcinoma

Talanta, 1 January 2020, Article 120180 (ELSEVIER) (2020)



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16-    Jose Luis Capelo


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Editorial – splicing and alternative splicing

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Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 155, 1-9 (2018)

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Translational Chemistry: The Future in Science

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Green and Red Fluorescent Dyes for Translational Applications in Imaging and Sensing Analytes: A Dual-Color Flag

ChemistryOpen, January, 7, 3 (2018). Research Group Highlight

1.- Elisabete Oliveira, Cristina Nuñez, Viviane Pilla, Emilia Bértolo, Javier Fernández-Lodeiro, Adrián Fernández-Lodeiro, Jamila Djafari, Jose Luis Capelo, Carlos Lodeiro

Green and Red Fluorescent Dyes for Translational Applications in Imaging and Sensing Analytes: A Dual-Color Flag

ChemistryOpen, January, 7, 9-52 (2018). Main Manuscript and Cover Picture 


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