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ISN2A 2020

Thanks for you guys’ efforts to make a successful the ISN2A 2020 conference. It is very different from many conferences that try to make money out of participants.

Keep going you can make an advancement for the scientific community as well as your great country.

Yang-Fang Chen (Department of Physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan)

Many thanks for the wonderful ISN2A 2020 conference in Caparica and for your kindness through the entire conference.

Luisa de Cola (ISIS, University of Strasbourg, France)

Thank you very much for the nice conference and the interesting program.

It was really nice to be part of this event and I hope I will be able to come again (in 2022 if I understood correctly) 

Valentino Libero Pio Guerra (J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic)

The ISN2A 2020 conference was excellent at all levels, top-scientific level, an ideal format for networking and in a spirit of a friendship!

Rodolphe Antoine (Institut Lumière Matière University of Lyon, France)




I just wanted to get in touch with you to express my gratitude and thanks for hosting such an amazing conference. I was overwhelmed with everything – the speakers, the hotel, the country and the food and wine. It was just amazing, and I really am going to work hard and come back to the PTIM2021 if you would have me

Jamie Douglas Harrower, Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom

We are pleasure to have the chance to attend the conference and give oral presentation. The conference gives us an amazing experience for meeting different countries researcher and colorful culture.Thanks a lot for your good organization.

Binghua Li, Beijing Water Sciences & Technology, China


Thanks for your excellent organization of PTIM 2019. I came home safe and sound with good memories.

See you in 2021.

Y. Ahn, China

Attending PTIM 2019 has been a great experience for me. It was so nicely organised and scientifically strong conference in the field with a lot of networking opportunities. Many congratulations to you and your team for the overall success of the conference.

Binoy Sarkar, Lancaster University, UK

The PTIM-2019 was a wonderful experience for me. Meeting organization and reception were perfect. I learned a great deal from the conference. Communication with peers like this is abslutely neccessary. I would like to attend more conferences in future. Thank you and your colleagues for your hard work and contributions to the successful conference.

Changliang Yang, Yunnan University, China

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to deliver a plenary communication at the PTIM 2019 and to meet researchers and students from around the world. I hope we can start our collaboration in 2020.

Elena Rodica Ionescu, Troyes University, France

The PTIM2019 is the best conference that I have ever joined. It has been well organized with a perfect rhythm. I really enjoyed the talks from different continents. Thank you very much for your invitation.

Lu Yun, School of Environment, Tsinghua University (China)

Thank you very much for organizing this wonderful conference, it was impressive and left me a very good memory. Lisbon is a very beautiful city.

I hope to have a chance to attend this conference in 2021 again.

Jing Ye ( Shanghai Institute of Technology, China)

Thank you for the great organisation of the PTIM conference. We have received an unforgettable expressions and it was really a unique event.  Hopefully I will come in 2021. We were appreciated with the all your team contributed to the conference. Wishing further great achievements in your definitely huge activity for developing international scientific cooperation in solving global environmental problems.

Saule Akhmetova ( Chemical Engineering and Ecology, ATU, Kazakhstan)


I would like to thank you for your invitation at the PTIM2019 conference which I found professionally useful and stimulating as well as socially enjoyable. 

You are a fantastic due!

Americo Beneducci (University of Calabria, Italy)


Just wanted to say a big thank you for inviting me to present my work at the PTIM 2019. I really enjoyed it and I look forward to next PTIM 2021!

Luiza Campos (University College of London, UK)


It was very nice to meet you and attend the conference PTIM2019 in Caparica. Alessandra and myself enjoyed both the scientific and friendly atmosphere of the conference. 

Alberto Figoli ( Institute on Membrane Technology, Italy)


Thank you for everything you have done for us and for the conference, together with your staff please. I really enjoyed the PTIM2019 conference (getting to know others from different places, and compared to other conferences I have attended, this one would probably be on top of the list) and got to know more about Portugal/Lisbon together with my wife.

And I would really like to join the next PTIM2021 conference.

Hojae Shim and Y. Park (University of Macau, China)


I enjoyed and learned a lot in PTIM 2019. Hopefully it would be a nice kick-start for a bio-remediation based project

Ilana Kolodkin (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)


Thanks again for putting such a nice conference and PTIM2019 conference program together

Jurgen Gailler (University of Calgary, Canada)



“I take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful experience of ISN2A 2018 meeting.

It was one of the best experience Nandini and I had; we enjoyed all the aspects of this meeting – from the talks to the parties and the trip around Lisbon! It is clear that only special people make occasions special!!”

Pradip Mascharak (USA)

“Thanks a lot for the wonderful ISN2A conference!!

I have a unforgettable memory in Lisboa.”

Yin-Yu Chang (Taiwan)


“Gracias por vuestra hospitalidad! (ISN2A 2018)”

Isabel Pastoriza (Spain)


“It was lovely (ISN2A 2018) and I am looking forward to meeting you all again in Portugal in 2020.”

Ajayan Vinu (Australia)


“We will not miss the 3rd ISN2A 2018.”

Franklin Gregory


“I really very much enjoyed the ISN2A 2018 conference and Caparica and it was a true pleasure to meet you. I very much look forward to our future collaborations and many more visits to the beautiful area :-)”

Sara Bals (Belgium)


“Muitíssimo obrigada pela receptividade de sempre e a amizade, eu e o Dario

ficamos muito felizes com a nossa participação no ISN2A 2018 e eu em particular de estar participando pela terceira vez. Foi muito bom, obrigada pelo excelente

congresso, uma organização ímpar.

mais uma vez obrigada”

Maria Inês Bruno Tavares (Brazil)


“Many thanks for your kind helps at the conference. I have really enjoyed the conference and city walk.”

Hu Yan (P. R. China)


“It was really good experience to attend well organised ISN2A 2018 conference.”

Ganesh Khutale (Ireland)


“Escrevo para agradecer a receptividade, cordialidade, e também parabenizar pelo excelente congresso ISN2A2018 em Caparica

Foi um grande prazer conhecê-los e espero que possamos ter colaborações em breve.

Um grande abraço”

Valtencir Zucolotto (Brazil)


“Very impressive, well organised and informative ISN2A 2018 conference.

We were very happy to visit Caparica and Portugal.”

Tatyana Shabatina (Russia)


“Thanks you very much. It was a delightful experience (ISN2A 2018).”

Lyudmila Bronstein  (USA)


“I would like to thank you one more time for the opportunity to come and speak at your very interesting event as well as for all work and warm hospitality! It is (always!) a real pleasure for us to come and attend the ISN2A 2018 meeting.”

Andriy and Olena Voronov (USA)


“I found that the amount of energy and stamina that you had in running and executing the conference was truly amazing.  I have ran conferences in the past and know how exhausting it can be.  Really enjoyed the conference and got a lot out of it.  I am hoping that we will have the opportunity to present some of the “One Health” work that we are doing in the beef cattle – human health are at future conferences.”

Tim McAllister (Canada) 


 “I would like to thank you very much again for your kind invitation and perfect hospitality to me. I returned to Japan with many warm memories. I really enjoyed all presentations and discussions, as well as foods, music, and everything at the dinner I also enjoyed atmosphere of Lisbon and your country. Though Japan is very distant from your country, we have historically long and warm relationship. I hope to visit your country if I will have a chance in future. If you will have a chance to visit Japan, please visit our institute.

I hope to have such chance in a near future.”

Shigeyoshi Sakaki (Japan)


“I’d like to congratulate the BIOSCOPE group and PROTEOMASS society for a well-attended and well-organized 1st IC3TC conference. I enjoyed both the venue and the scientific program. IC3TC 2015 had the feel of the Gordon Research Conferences I’ve attended before—-a packed program and a close scientific atmosphere that encourages conversations and collaboration.” 

David Peralta, Associate Editor, ChemistryOpen, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim (Germany)


“IC3TC-2015 Congress. Very interesting and Productive.”

Jesus M. de la fuente (Spain)


“The Caparica Christmas Conference on Translational Chemistry, IC3TC, was a fantastic conference with a very exciting science and very well balanced interdisciplinary mixing. And, besides the science, I enjoyed a lot the social atmosphere that you have been able to create among the participants,  and your warm and friendly welcome to all of us that I appreciated a lot. “

Gianluca Farinola (Italy)


“Thank you once more for inviting me to participate at the 1st International Caparica Christmas Conference on Translation Chemistry, and thus making me possible to present recent results of my group, to meet colleagues from all over the word, to listen to the topics not directly connected with my research, but which made me broaden my understanding of most recent developments in translation chemistry, and also to walk along the spectacular sandy beaches of Caparica. Thank you for the excellent organisation of the conference.”

Jasmina Sabolovic (Hungary)


“I want to thank you for organizing the 1st Translational Chemistry Caparica Conference. It has been a very well organized conference.

It was really interesting and constructive to attend it.”

Pier Luigi Gentili (Italy)


“I take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful conference IC3TC in Caparica.

I really enjoyed the science as well as the very warm atmosphere. I love fado, and having it live was an experience. “

Anna Painelli (Italy)


“I would like to thank you all for this very nice event, 1st IC3TC. It was a pleasure to participate.”

Nicolas Louvain (France)


“Thank you again for this super chemistry IC3TC conference.”

M. Aureliano (Portugal)


I want to congratulate Carlos, José Luis and all their team for the well-organised meeting, 2nd ISN2A 2016. Scientific programme, venue, activities … everything was excellent, together with a warm atmosphere. The facilities of the hotel, mainly gym room and swimming pool for me were great: each morning at 7 am I was there J. The place was really well chosen, relatively far from the “civilisation”, which favours the exchanges and discussions with participants !!

Montserrat Gomez (Toulouse, France)


I cannot thank you enough for organizing a wonderful scientific program of 2nd ISN2A 2016 and being such gracious hosts. The venue was perfect and it was a pleasure meeting you and talking science and not talking science. I look forward to seeing you at this event again in the future. For my first trip to Portugal, it was absolutely lovely. Thank you. 

James B. Delehanty (Washington, USA)


 Congratulations once again on the excellently organised conference 2nd ISN2A. It really went beyond my expectations and I am very glad of the opportunity to present my research to this largely European audience and explore the chances for collaboration. I will keep in mind your ideas and advice and, meanwhile, if you think that my lab could assist in any way in your research, I would be happy to help out.

Vuk Uskokovic (Chicago, USA)


 Thanks a lot again for this very cheerful and rich 2nd ISN2A meeting. I won’t forget to get back to you with any succesful results that could be obtained through the contacts made during the conference, amazingly organized in Caparica. 

Elena Ishow (Nantes, France)


Thanks for the lovely hospitality and ISN2A meeting!

Molly Stevens (London, UK)


I would like to thank you for the opportunity of a keynote lecture at ISN2A. We enjoyed the conference and visiting Portugal very much. Thanks for being very friendly hosts!

Andriy Voronov (Fargo, USA)


The ISN2A-2016 conference was really amazing and also I learned a lot from it. Also, you are most welcome to HZDR, Dresden.

Garima Singh (Dresden, Germany)


I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for having had the chance to come to the conference 2nd IC3EM2016. It is the best meeting I have been to in several years!In addition to the privilege of making your acquaintance, I was able to reconnect with some old friends, learn an enormous amount, make some new friends, and establish 3 collaborations.I very much hope to stay in touch, and to see you again in two years! 

Nathaniel Finney (Tiangin P.R. China)


Congratulations by the Organization of the IC3EM-2016. The feedback was very positive.

Jorge Parola (Lisbon, Portugal)


I wish to express my thanks for the grateful atmosphere and scientific level shared at the conference 2nd IC3EM-2016. I really enjoyed your friendly organization that allowed effective scientific connections among participants.

Andrea Pucci (Pisa, Italy)


Congratulations on the very interesting and very pleasant IC3EM 2016 !

Thank you so much for all.So much work and stress, however It was a true sucess.

Thanks again to each member of the organizing team. 

Béatrice Delavaux-Nicot (Toulousse, France) 


I love interdisciplinary conferences and the IC3EM 2016 was one of the best.

Jim A Thomas (Sheffield, UK)

Thank you for providing me an opportunity to present our work at 2nd IC3EM conference.

It was an wonderful experience to get an opportunity to interact with you and other leaders in the field.

The scientific discussions were really informative and the social interactions were really great. 

Bamaprasad Bag (India)

Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful 2ndIC3EM-2016 conference in Portugal!

Blake Peterseon (Kansas, USA)

Many thanks for the wonderful photos and for all of the work you did to host us during the conference IC3EM 2016. It was a really nice experience to participate in the IC3EM for all of us! My students Carolin Sieck and Stefanie Griesbeck and my wife, Anne, all enjoyed it very much, as I did.

Todd Marder (Würzburg, Germany)

You all did an awesome organizing the IC3EM2016 meeting.  I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my time in Lisbon and getting to interact with you and the other attendees.

Michael M. Haley (Oregon, USA)

Thank you very much for your hospitality during my visit to lisbon to attend the IC3EM-2016 conference which was well organized and leaved a deep impression on me.

Yang Wang (Beijing, P.R. China)

This is to express my sincere thanks for your kind hospitality. Thank you very much for the organization of the IC2AR Conference and the personal assistance: everything was highly appreciated.You and your colleagues managed everything perfectly, and you did not let your guests feel the slightest shortcomings. The scientific program was excellent as well as the opportunity to contact people and construct new links of scientific value. The whole atmosphere was warm and personal. It is indeed with regret that I left Portugal but with the plan to come back. 

Tatiana Ovchinnikova (Moscow, Russia)

Thank you again for a most wonderful experience. The 2nd PTIM conference was a pleasant mix of highly professional contributions from participants of very diverse and enriching backgrounds. I learned a great deal from the presentations and enjoyed meeting so many people from all over the world. The atmosphere at the conference, including the venue was very relaxed yet with a positive focus on sharing research and exploring new ideas. I congratulate the organizers on a successful gathering with the added flavors of Portuguese hospitality and welcoming culture. Hope to see you in 2019!

Janice Wasser (Tel aviv, Israel)

I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate your team for the very good scientific meeting, 2nd PTIM, you organised in Caparica. I also take the opportunity to express my admiration for Portugal, after having visited several of your cities in vacation after your meeting. I had been several times in your country, but I was very impressed with the changes (for better!) in the last years. Portugal has become a jewel in Europe! Certainly you have your share of contribution by creating this event and handling it so well. 

Tania Tavares (Bahia, Brazil)

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