The Proteomass Scientific Society is a non-profit society dedicated to help researchers and scientists in new technologies and methodologies, to disseminate the knowledge in the expertise fields of the BIOSCOPE group, and help other laboratories and researchers to made connections and do networking. Our research in biomedicine -Renal diseases and Cancer- is extremely expensive. The Proteomass Scientific Association encourage associations (public or private), Foundations as well as individuals to contribute to our research with donations to support our lines of research to help hospitals and laboratories with faster and better methods of detection and analysis.

Donations can be addressed to the following bank account:

Bank transfer

Bank details:

        • Account holder: Associaçao Cientifica Proteomass

        • Bank name/number: Caixa Geral de Depositos, SA – 0035

        • Bank branch: 0298 – Fac. Ciencias Tecnologia – FCT – MT Caparica

        • Country: PT – Portugal

        • NIB: 0035 0298 00007963 930 10

        • IBAN (International Bank Account Number): PT50 0035 0298 00007963 930 10

       • BIC (Bank Identification Code)/Swift: CGDIPTPL

Please do not forget to send us your data so the donation can be made legal (email contact, name, address and tax payer number (VAT number)).


Your name

Thanks for your cooperation.

The ProteoMass Scientific Association

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