Carla Isabel Madeira dos Santos

Postdoctoral Researcher

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Her research is mainly focused in the synthesis, characterization and exploration of new corrole macrocycles as fluorescent chemosensors in supramolecular chemistry. Her PhD was supervised by Prof. Dr. Graça Neves and Prof. Dr. Amparo Faustino (Department of Chemistry, University of Aveiro, Portugal) and  Prof. Dr. Carlos Lodeiro   in the REQUIMTE, University NOVA of Lisbon, Portugal. After a short postdoc in the BIOSCOPE Group, Actually Dr. Santos is working in the Technical University of Lisbon, IST in Synthesis of Carbon Nanoparticles.

Selected references


  • Inorgania Chimica Acta, in press (2014)
  • Tetrahedron,  70 3361-3370 (2014)
  • Analyst 138(13), 3642-3645, 2013
  • Inorg. Chem.,52, 15, 8564-8572, 2013
  • J. Mat. Chem 22, 13811-13819, 2012
  • Inorg. Chem, 49, 19, 8699-8708 2010



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