Gonçalo Jorge Dias do Vale

 PhD Student

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The PhD project aims to address the possibility of using seleno-peptides as an environmental solution to avoid damage caused by high arsenic levels in freshwater, such as the ones present in some Portuguese drinking waters, by developing new and fast methods for speciation of protein-bound elements based on proteomics (metallomics) and applying them to in vivo experiments with living organisms to asses the effectiveness of Selenium peptides in Arsenium detoxification. In this project it will be developed an online ultra-fast methodology for speciation of protein-bound elements accomplishing automation, integration in mass spectrometry platforms and inputs based on Portuguese patented technology “enzymes and ultrasounds” patent PCT/IB2006/052314. His PhD is supervised by Dr. Jose Luis Capelo (University of Vigo, Spain), Prof. Maria de Lourdes Gonçalves (IST-Technique University of Lisbon) and Dr. Luis Fonseca (IST-Technique University of Lisbon).

Selected references

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