Cristina Núñez, PhD.

 Postdoctoral Researcher 2010-2015

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Dr. Nuñez has a large experience in synthesis of new macrocyclic ligands and their inorganic metal complexes. Her researcher is focused mainly in the applications and studies of New Emissive Active Matrices based on amino acids, peptides, neurotransmitters and artificial organic molecules that absorb UV light and/or visible as chemical sensors for multifunctional recognition and detection of analytes by spectroscopy and spectrometry. Her Postdoctoral research was supervised by Dr. Carlos Lodeiro (FCT- REQUIMTE, University NOVA of Lisbon, Portugal) and Dr. Mario Dinis (University NOVA of Lisbon, Portugal). During 2013 to 2015 Dr. Nuñez was a Postdoctoral Researcher from Xunta de Galicia (Spain) sharing the institutions the Canterbury Christ Church University under Prof. Emilia Bértolo Pardo, Faculty of Science and Technology, University NOVA of Lisbon (Portugal) under Prof. Carlos Lodeiro and University of Santiago de Compostela, Chemistry Department (Spain) Under Prof. Rufina Bastida. Actually is located in Spain at Lugo Hospital SERGAS, Lugo Campus.




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