General Overview

II Hands-On Course dates: 12th - 15th June 2012

Hands on Course in Ultrafast Sample treatment for Proteomics: From protein identification to quantification, Facultad de Ciencias de Ourense – Universidade de Vigo, Spain


Maximum 10 people. Course registration will be done by request order.

Attention: The course will be given in English and Spanish.

An intensive laboratory and lecture course will be given focus on the following protein-related themes:

  1. Protein separation by one dimensional gel electrophoresis (1D-GE) and bi-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2D-GE)

  2. Protein quantification by UV-spectroscopy

  3. New sample treatments for protein identification

  4. Peptide separation by HPLC

  5. Mass Spectrometry of proteins - MALDI-TOF-MS

  6. Bioinformatics tools for proteomics - Databases and search engines


The overall aim of the course is to provide each student with the fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to be able to perform and analyze protein experiments, from purification and identification, and to learn to identify new opportunities in applying protein-related studies to his/her own research.